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Sunbed Registration Form 

Please use this form if you intend to use our sunbeds, it will save time and prevent any unnecessary contact in the salon. 

Skin Type - please tick yor skin type
DO YOU SUFFER FROM: ill effects of normal sunbathing , epilepsy, diabetes, heart condition, blood pressure, hormone irregularities, headaches/migraine, hypertension, fainting/giddiness, prickly heat, cold sores,allergies, skin ulcers or moles that have changed in appearance?
ARE YOU: currently under medical supervision, prescribed or taking any form of drug, ointment/lotion, anitbiotic or tranquilliser, pregnant or hypersensitive to light?

If the anser is YES to any of the above questions, then please seek medical advice to ensure optimum safety when using the sunbed or sunbathing normally. 

Indoor solaruim taning should be treated with the some caution as tanning in normal sunlight a suntan should be built gradually, particularly with fair sensitive skin.

You should leave a minimum of 48 hours between sessions.


We recommended that all traces of make-up, lipstick, perfumed body lotions and sprays are removed before using a sunbed. 

No suntan preparations or lotions should be applied unless they are specifically formulated for use on sunbeds.  

  • It is illegal to use sunbeds under the age of 18 

  • Never repeat tanning if any signs of redness remain from previous sunbathing or tanning 

  • Do not touch or tamper with the light tubes whilst using the equipment.

  • Wear CE approved googles/eye wear and can be bought here or in the salon.

  • Keep eyes closed and avoid looking directly at the light tubes.

  • Never use UV tanning equipment without wearing eye protaction.

  • Always remove contact lenses

  • Do not follow or proceed sunbeds with any other form of heat treatment (including hot baths, saunas, waxing, use of depilatories OR normal sunbathing). 

I have read & understand the information provided on this form, am 18 years of age or over, am satisfied that I am suitable for tanning treatments.

Nothing in the information given above shall exceed our liability for personal injury or death due to our negligence or fraudulent misrepresentation. We shall not be liable for any loss or damage to valuables and other personal possessions left on the premises. 

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