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Tanning Courses

30 Minutes

60 Minutes

90 Minutes

120 Minutes


3 Minutes

6 Minutes

9 Minutes

12 Minutes

15 Minutes

Please note that the sunbeds close 15minutes prior to the salon closing. 

£20 (Save £2.50)

£35 (Save £10)

£50 (Save £17.50)

£65 (Save £25)






We also sell Tanning Creams, these are useful to help create an even and long lasting tan!

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UltraSun International Q18 Sunbed


Our brand new, state-of-the-art Ultrasun Q18 has a combination of great looks and superb tanning capability.


The body-shaped acrylic fits your body for added comfort during tanning sessions. Complete with the IQ touch control and turbo body cooler, shoulder Turner, rainbow magnifier and air extraction for most comfortable experience available on the market today.

We have two Q18 lay-down beds and one stand up available.